Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Apple Pancakes

Tuesdays are busy days with Bible Study so the meal plan for supper is Easy. The afternoon had gotten gobbled up with year end/new year book keeping. I was getting hungry.  Hot dogs were penciled in but I was not in a hot dog mood.  As I was browsing online a fruit pancake recipe popped up. It called for fresh blueberries and raspberries. Hmmm...have frozen raspberries. The fruit pancake idea brought to mind a lined yellow paper that has been in my recipe collection for many years.  Autumn Apple Pancakes.

Written in the handwriting of a young teen girl it is a recipe that Leroy brought home. It may have come from our beloved baby sitter Tina but I do not remember. It is one of those memories that got lost in the fuzzy years after he died.                              

As I chopped apples, mixed and measured I reminisced how down through the years without him I have been given Leroy gifts. Another of our babysitters sent me a some pictures he had colored and given her. One year when I was visiting my Mama she returned to me all the letters I had written her the first few years of our marriage. Heart squeezing, breath taking diaries of my all little ones baby years spilling over with Leroy stories. 

As the bacon sizzled and the pancakes turned golden brown I savored my memories. Amanda and Levi collaborated on a photo book for the Biker and I for Christmas for this year. He secretly uploaded pictures from my Leroy file to her photo account. She created and ordered the gift. She also found a gift at the craft fair that she knew would be perfect for me. It was just my style: a little cowboy boot filled with twigs, red berries and rusty tin stars poking out every which way.  

What Amanda did not know is that this boot is also a Leroy gift. His very first pair of cowboy boots was almost identical to this one and about that size. We bought Levi a pair of black leather boots and a grey two-tone pair one size smaller for Leroy.  I placed it in the Harley window, tweaked the stars and tucked in a  wishbone. He always asked for the wishbone. Heaven is a place where all the wishes of every little wisher come true.  At the end of the pancake recipe it says ENJOY! with a smiley face. We did.

Love from Leroy.