Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A beginning...

2012 January 18 - Boulder Lee Farm
Jeff wants me to write a book so he can retire.  I have no book to write as of yet so I am going to practice by blogging.  What will this blog be about? Life: random and real and of course red shoes. I have been writing, mostly poetry, since childhood.
It was my grief process (someday post). My journal is off again, on again. I write notes on Facebook. 
Until next time - I love you bunches and red shoes.  pja


  1. Love it!! Good luck! Happy blogging!


  2. I don't know much myself about blogging but enjoy reading others and I love reading your writings...good luck!

  3. Yes, Pat, write and write and write! All that wisdom, all those stories of life, all the joy and humor and pain and sadness...we will all be richer for it!

  4. yayay! I am gonna love reading them cuz i love you!