Monday, February 27, 2012

A Memory of Mercy

   When the Biker and I were raising our little ones we were blessed with a wonderful pediatrician.  He kept a small practice and never overloaded his schedule. If you called before nine in the morning  he would answer the phone himself and tell you to bring them right in, no waiting for an appointment at four in the afternoon when the baby had cried all night.  He did not want to know which ear was bothering but preferred to make an unbiased diagnosis.  He was not quick to prescribe medication unless it was necessary but did not hesitate to hospitalize if it was warranted.  

    He was a humble man and always asked "Mom, what do you think?" He never pushed for vaccines that I didn't think were needed. He trusted my judgment and would call in a prescription for me at times without requiring an office visit. He peeled apples for the little ones with his pocket knife and talked to them directly. When we no longer had insurance he was very careful to keep the cost down without making us feel demeaned in any way.
     We moved across the country still owing him a balance of several hundred dollars that we were paying off in small monthly payments. A few months later when The Runner died I put a note about his death in with a payment. The good doctor sent us a card with his condolences and these words: "In honor of him, you owe me nothing."

I love you bunches and apple peels - Pat


  1. Doctors like that are awesome!! They are human and they actually treat you and your kids like people not the next patient!! I LOVE human doctors!!

  2. What a gift! Doctors like that are rare!