Sunday, March 2, 2014

Don't grieve for me...

Line from a poem  called Letter from Heaven:
"Grieve for me, but for a short time please
I am here beside you on my knees
You must remember when you feel sad I do too..."

My response:
I do not grieve for my son. I grieve for me.  No one alive or dead including the one I am grieving can dictate or limit or command my grief.  It is mine to do with it as I need and as I will.  I sorrow because I love.  My grief is an expansion of the relationship and love we had here into the relationship and love we continue to have.  I do not believe my grief for my son withholds peace from him.  What I see from my side is so finite. He has gone to infinity with God beyond space and time, his understanding now includes eternity, no beginning and no end. My understanding is locked in time, in space, in the beginning and the end.

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