Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Legend of Cain

Adam and Eve so the story runs
Had a couple of squabbling sons

Abel kept some sheep on hand,
Cain was a tiller of the land.

For them both it was the thing.
To bring the Lord an offering.

For Abel only the first born lamb would do
Cain plopped down a veggie or two.

God was pleased with Abel’s gift
But not with  Cain’s, that caused a rift.

So Cain got mad and killed his bro
When asked he answered “I don’t know”

His cursed land would nothing grow
So Cain was always on the go.

He wandered east away from God
And settled in the land of Nod.

Cain found a wife, had Enoch, a son
Named his city after  that one.

Sons had sons down the line
Lamech tho’t he was mighty fine.

Lamech took himself two wives
His three sons led busy lives.

Jabal, Jubal and Tubal-Cain
Made music and tools and roamed the plain.

“Adah/Zillah: listen to me
Wives of Lamech: Attention please!

I killed a man for hurting me,
He was just a boy you see

If Cain gets even 7x o're
Then I’ll get even 70x more!”

Cain: the legendary man from Nod
But the only real hero is  God.

To be continued.

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